Frequently Asked Questions about Vietnam Travel Tip

As easy as an arrival visa sounds, it is just as easy to extend the existing visa at the same time, all you need is to pay the extension fee. If you have a visa for three months, you can extend it for three more months, and if the visa is for a month, you


With compelling cultural complexities and being a land of staggering natural beauty, Vietnam is one of the ideal destination for holiday. The Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Hoi An, Mui Ne, Cu Chi tunnels, Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc are some of the beautiful attractions in Vietnam. It is a charmer for backpackers, nature lovers, beach lovers, and culture lovers.

Traveling to a new place can be equally exciting and filled with surprises; however, one must not stop exploring. We are glad to curate some of the most asked questions down here that will help you prepare for a pleasant journey to Vietnam.

  1. Why must you plan for a Vietnam tour in specific?
    It is a place that depicts the history and has beautiful beaches, great weather, and remarkable infrastructure and architecture.

    2.    Will it be safe to travel to Vietnam?
    Yes, it is. Every day thousands of tourists visit Vietnam to enjoy the beautiful attraction of the country. Of course, there may be changing weather which is very rare too. Otherwise, throughout the journey, it is better to keep your belongings safe and stick around with your tour group.

    3.    Is there any specific Vietnam visa rules?
    Unlike most of the countries, Vietnam doesn’t require a visa to travel to Vietnam. With another option, you can also apply for a visa online wherein you may pay online and receive the letter of approval, which can convert as a visa after landing Vietnam.

    4.    Do I need a Vietnam visa?
    Yes, most of the nationals required a visa to visit Vietnam, but certain nationalities do not need a visa or can enjoy visa exemptions of up to 15 days. Visitors traveling from any country must apply for a visa way in advance, with e-services being accessible, you can now apply for a visa online and upon receipt of the entry permit, and you can disembark in any international airports in Vietnam.

    5.    What is Vietnam visa on arrival?
    Vietnam visa on arrival, synonymously known as VOA is an entry permit issued by Vietnam Immigration Department. For traveling to Vietnam, you should get a pre-approved letter from the Vietnam immigration. Once you enter Vietnam with a pre-approved letter, you can have the visa upon payment of the required visa fee. 

    For the pre-approved letter, you can apply for a visa online at which you can get within 4 working hours from the date of submission. Everybody traveling to Vietnam required a valid visa to enter Vietnam for any purpose unless the traveler is not from a visa exempted country.

    6.    What are the Visa formalities to enter Vietnam?
    You must have a valid passport, with not less than 6 months validity and a visa approval letter to enter Vietnam. Also, the passport must be valid for six months after your entry to Vietnam and it should have at least one blank visa page. You can apply for Vietnam visa directly to for obtaining the entry permit. You shall be getting the entry permit online within 4 working days.

    As a general rule, all tourist should have a return ticket while disembarking at the international airports in Vietnam. Many tour operators stationed in Vietnam is also offering visa assistance service. It would be easy to seek the help of a reliable travel agents for applying visa, who can assist you to submit the online application.  Many reputed tour operators are also allowed to process the visa service, without any additional cost.

    7.    What is the fee for visa approval letter?
    The visa approval letter fee and stamping fee varies from the duration of stay and number of passengers planning to travel.

    The following table will give you an exact idea about the fee structure.

Types of Visa

Normal Process (2 days)

1 day

4 hours

Stamping day

1-3 Pax

4-6 Pax

7-9 Pax

10 Pax up

Single Entry

1 Month








3 Month








Multiple Entry

1 Month








3 Month








Citizens of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kenya, Morocco, Gambia, Kuwait, Lebanon,     Jordan, Bahrain, Bhutan, and Algeria, Timor-Leste, UAE, Tunisia and all African nationals have different fees, which are available at

8.    Is there any Visa exemptions, if so who are they?
Some nationals do not have to pay for Vietnam visa. They include citizens from Asia, Nordic and European countries. Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. Travelers from these countries can stay in Vietnam for 15 days. In addition to this, there are also special exemptions to people who hold APEC Business Travel card economies may visit Vietnam for less than 60 days.


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9.    What if I feel like staying more and extend my trip to Vietnam?
As easy as an arrival visa sounds, it is just as easy to extend the existing visa at the same time, all you need is to pay the extension fee. If you have a visa for three months, you can extend it for three more months, and if the visa is for a month, you may extend it for another month. Once you've paid for the same, you may be able to extend the visa at the earliest. But you won’t be able to extend the visa more than twice, if you have such a situation then you may have to exit Vietnam and apply for a fresh visa.

10.    What is the best time to visit Vietnam?
February to April and August to October are the best time to visit Vietnam.  However, the best time of the visit shall depend upon your ability to bear the season.

11.    What are some useful tips to travel in Vietnam?
Being new to the city may bring a lot of pressure while in Vietnam; beware of being ripped off on charges. There are sharing services available to travel which are the most convenient option, and one must remember that bargaining is the best option not to get ripped off and have a good mode of transportation while in Vietnam.

12.    How many days should you spend in Vietnam to visit most of the famous locations?
The required number of days entirely depends upon your touring plan. Two weeks would be just fine to see the best places around in Vietnam, and if you plan busses or any other mode of travel, then you must keep at least a month handy to see all the best places around in Vietnam.

13.    Will there be a language barrier in Vietnam?
Not really, you will find many people around who can communicate in English and just in case if you face difficulty with passing a message across, maybe a language helper application and translator will be the best idea to keep handy before visiting.

14.    Should one do the exploring themselves or rely on a travel agency?
If you fancy about local stores, culture and exploring, then, you must entirely experience it yourself. That way you'll be able to see more things and spend the required time to wherever you want to engage and enjoy.

15.    How to operate phones, SIM cards, and internet while in Vietnam?
You can find many stores right from the airport to all nook and corner of Vietnam selling SIM cards. You can buy SIM cards from the sellers, and they will install it for you on the spot.

16.    What is the average cost of living in Vietnam for a tourist?
Compared to most of the countries, Southeast Asia is very cheap. A one-night hotel stay may cost around $12 while a onetime meal shall cost you about $2-3 at the maximum. Without too much of a load and a compact budget, one can have a pleasant stay and yet enjoy all the beautiful places around Vietnam.

17.    What is the currency that one may keep in hand while in Vietnam?
One can either pay or purchase with American dollars or even Vietnamese dong, both the currencies are acceptable everywhere.

18.    What are the best places to visit in Vietnam for food?
Some locations have specific delicacies that must be savored like Banh Mi (It’s a Vietnamese sandwich), Bun Cha (A delicious soup that consists of meat, noodles, and veggies), Eggnog coffee (Yummy blend of coffee and eggs in the side). You will be able to find this in every corner of the town; you must savor the same atleast once. Vietnam is famous for, and you can find many street vendors offering delicious seafood.

19.    What are the best snacks to be tried in Vietnam?
Apart from delicious food, Vietnam also has a way to savor the munchies in you. Look for words like Me Xung (A sweet snack served in multiple eateries in Vietnam with a side of peanuts), Banh ran (A dish full of mini rice donuts) and many more but if you wish to try the authentic side dishes and snacks then you must definitely try these out.

20.    What are the most visited places in North Vietnam?
Some of the exotic locations in North Vietnam are Ninh Binh, Hanoi, Sapa & Sa Long Bay.

21.    Can I rent a motorbike with my national driving license?
Yes, you can. You need to have an international driving license to drive and also to get insurance cover.

22.    Where will I find the best beaches while in Vietnam?
The best beaches are Lang Co beach in Hue, My Khe beach in Danang, An Bang beach in Hoi An, Ky Co beach in Quy Nhon, Doc Let beach in Nha Trang, Mui Ne beach in Phan Thiet, Sao Beach in Phu Quoc, etc.

23.    What are the world heritages to visit while in Vietnam?
From the many heritages that you can visit in Vietnam, some of them would be Hoi An, Phong Nha Cave, My son sanctuary, Hue city, and Ha Long Bay.

24.    How does the water help? Any precautions to be taken on that?
The water quality is not up to the mark; hence it would be better to carry bottled water.

25.    What is the ideal visa preparation period on a general perception?
The preparation of the visa before you visit must begin 2 weeks before your journey.  You can apply for an online visa approval from your country, which will take maximum 4 days' processing.

26.    Is there any limit for ATM withdrawal?
Yes, there is a limit for ATM withdrawal.The limit of every ATM withdrawal is up to 8 million dong which should be approximately equal to 350 American dollars.

27.    Can I find tour packages or tailor-made tour packages?
You can find many tour operators offering tour packages, and tailor-made tour packages matching to your budget and personal requirements. Many reputed travel agents are offering long and short Vietnam Travel Packages. Mostly two weeks duration will be selected by the foreigners.

If you opt for two weeks, the tour itineraries can cover the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. The packages tours include visiting Halong Bay, Sapa, Hanoi Phu Quoc Island, Hi Chi Minh City, and the Mekong Delta and so on. From the North through the center to the South, the country has many impressive sites. So you can select any of the tour packages based on your duration and your budget.

28.    Can I book the ticket in advance and hotel reservation?
Yes, you can. Tour operators will assist you in advance air ticket booking and hotel accommodation, which will help you to save peak season charges.  Most of the tour operators accept international card payments.  You can also book the air and hotel booking directly and make the payment with international credit cards. 

29.    What is the best way to reach Vietnam?
For your Vietnam travel, you can choose any of the following travel modes. 

By Air:
    Vietnam has three important international airports, namely Ho Chi Minh. Da Nang and Hanoi. Most of the major airlines are having their direct and stop over flights to all the above international airports.

By Sea:
    You can reach Vietnam by sea through Mekong Delta via Cambodia. They have cruise    service upon your choice of luxury. It will take about 7 to 8 hours travel by sea. This     mode is ideal for passengers traveling from Cambodia.

By Rail:
    Tourists from China can board from Beijing, Guilin, and Nanning and can reach to     Vietnam Gia Lam or Hanoi Railway Stations. It is a pleasant experience to travel by     train. You can enter China and then take a train to Vietnam.

  1. Should I have to pay airport departure tax?
    Yes, you need to pay airport departure tax before your return journey at the airport.  The departure fees are as follows:
  • Ho Chi Minh City International Airport - US$ 12
    •    Hanoi International Airport - US$ 14
    •    Danang International Airport - US$ 12

31Can I pay by cash upon on arrival, traveler cheques, bank draft, bank transfer?

All our tours packages and hotels operate on pre- paid basis. So we can only accept the payment in advance by bank transfer or credit card. If you wish to make wired bank transfer, please transfer to our bank account listed below:

International Trading Name in English: VIET GREEN TRAVEL


Company Licence: 0104736080 issued by The Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment.

Tax Identification Number: 0104736080


Account No: 0021 00000 3333

Name of Bank: Vietcombank - Hanoi Branch

Bank address: Builinding 198 Tran Quang Khai Str,Ly Thai To Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Swift Code: BFTVVNVX


32. My credit card number is correct, but it is not accepted on your online reservation form / I am getting an error while making a payment? Why?

There are a few possibilities:
– Make sure you are not using a proxy internet connection. A direct connection to internet is required for security purposes
– Our payment gateway opens in a new browser window. Make sure that pop up blocking software/features are turned off
– Make sure the input details are correct
– Make sure the card expiration date does not precede the reservation date
– Make sure you have not reached your credit limit
– If you get an error apart from the reasons above, please contact our online agent

33. Why is the price different from when I last checked and/or in comparison with my last stay?

This normally depends on market conditions and currency fluctuations. During peak tourist season, conventions, fairs etc., the prices are likely to change. However, once booked, the price for your hotel is fixed  at the time of reservation.

34. Can I book/ pay directly to the hotel?

No. The rates displayed on Viet Green Luxury Travel’s website are available only through our Vietnam hotel and resort reservation service. Hotel walk-in rates are up to 75% more expensive. Our online agents are able to assist you with alternative hotels in case of non-availability and with other travel requirements which individual hotels cannot. All reservations on must be paid for in advance upon receiving confirmations from us. This is the only way to guarantee occupancy at the hotels and keep our prices low.

With these frequently asked questions about the Vietnam travel, you will be prepared for the best and you can find all the necessary information. In case if you feel we have missed any question that may still linger you, mention it down here, and we will get you the answers at the earliest.